PHAME! Funding

 Four Sources:  

$6.3 Million — Funded by SDUSD Proposition S
Basic Auditorium/Core Academic Facility

PHAME!’s basic auditorium, including the stage and the
orchestra pit, is funded by Proposition S, San Diego Unified’s
$2.1 billion school facilities bond, passed in 2008 with 68%
of the vote.  On February 9, 2010, this initial funding for
PHAME! was approved by the Board of Education.

$3.4 Million — Funded by California Proposition 1D
Arts, Media & Entertainment Academy

PHAME!’s career technical training classrooms and workshops
are funded by California’s $10.4 billion Kindergarten-University

facilities bond, passed in 2006 with 56.9% of the vote.
In August, 2010, California State Board of Education approved
funding from Prop. 1D for PHAME!, and on November 2, 2010,
the Board of Education approved matching funds.

$2.9 Million — Funded by SDUSD Proposition Z
Cluster Performing Arts Center

After challenges by the Board of Education to complete the
funding necessary for PHAME!  and realizing that every child
in the high school cluster would ultimately attend Patrick Henry
High School, the local Cluster Council courageously met on
December 13, 2011, and agreed to contribute 4% from each
of the 10 community school’s allocation under Proposition S.
Board Trustees  assured the cluster schools that this funding
will be reimbursed upon passage of another school bond measure.
On December 14, 2011, the Board of Education approved that
agreement.  In November, 2012, San Diego voters did approve a
second school bond measure, Proposition Z, and the cluster schools
were released from this obligation.

Remaining $528,165 — Needs Your Support
Community-Supported Performing Arts Center

Enhances PHAME! with variety of state-of-the-art
technical equipment to support the acoustically engineered
concert hall, a marquee that will greatly enhance outreach
to the community, and a variety of new, essential equipment that
will support community performing arts programs, as well
as academic programs at the high school